Eldon is talented in some ways, complex in others, but could never quite understand one element – the ability to lay things out – objects if you will.

Lay them out in such a way that it made ‘sense’. Sense from a visual point of view. If one object was a little out it would bother him until he moved the one – or all the others – so it looked ‘right’.

Many years later he understood this to be ‘composition’.

He combined this with many years in the field to understand ‘story telling’, both visual and narrative.

The fact that there is a beginning, a middle, and an end to EVERYTHING. Sequences and life across the spectrum.

He has applied this to his understanding of story telling.

Combined with a love for real life, real people and real causes made him to realise that this ‘power’, if used correctly, was the most powerful medium in the world and has caused him to pursue truth, above all. Truth in the visuals.

Respect to his subjects. And a sincere quest to capture the essence of the story he is trying to tell, for himself and for others. A combination of all the above is where he is happiest, aside from cutting wood or splashing around in water.

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